SUITE – Hidden Doors – Hidden frame

Interior doors with hidden aluminium frame flush with the wall.

The hidden doors Suite have concealed frame and are coplanar with the wall. You can “hide” the door behind the wall, reducing the architectural noise in your residence. The height of door may be up to 3 meter, actually touching the ceiling. Hidden doors Suite offer atmospheric design in your home and quality in your life. The basic set includes Italian magnetic lock. The hidden aluminium frame is available in silver matte color RAL 9006or in any color you prefer at request. A great advantage on interior doors with hidden frame is the low maintenance expanses. Because of hidden frame, it is becoming more difficult for it to be damaged. Apart from that, every time you paint your house it is like buying new doors, as long as the door is being painted too!

Hidden Interior Door Sabadoor.

Available Options:

  • Unpainted
  • White Lacquer
  • Lacquer RAL
  • Oak SD OAK
  • Spatula (techniques)

Available dimensions:

  • until 95cm*220cm
  • until 105cm*300cm

Amazing options for door leafs with 3D surface from Xylokat Available panel’s cores :

  • Cardboard honeycomb
  • Particleboard (Extra sound insulation)

Hidden doors – Hidden Frame

Sabadoor Suite Interior Doors Interior Doors

Hidden hinge


Panel’s cores

Cardboard honeycomb

Section of door cardboard honeycomb


Section of door particleboard

Suite Slide