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Fireproof Security Door

At Sabadoor we manufacture armored doors that withstand the most extreme conditions. We take your safety seriously, even in emergency situations, which is why we use premium materials that can withstand even fire. The certified S14F armored door can withstand up to 45 minutes in such a case.

A few words about fireproof doors.

One of the basic requirements of buildings to ensure fire safety is the fireproof installation of the door.

Fire doors are divided into the following categories. The door class must meet the fire safety requirements, such as doors in corridors, stairwells and passages to other escape routes, in case of fire the fireproof door must not be less than EI45.

Fire resistance is the ability of the structure to contain the spread of fire, as well as to maintain the required functional characteristics of exposure to high temperature in fire conditions.

Fire resistance limits are defined on fire doors by a test process and approved by appropriate certificates. For metal fire doors, classification terms are used – E, EI, EIW, followed by fire resistance period (minutes).

E – Loss of integrity ratio, measured in minutes (45). E indicates the time during which the door will maintain its construction and performance characteristics under fire conditions.

I – rate of heat loss, measured in minutes (45). I indicates the time the doors will restrict heat to the opposite fire zone.


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