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SABA DOOR manufactures security steel doors and interior doors taking into account quality and security, while the same time, achieves to create decency and long-lasting masterpieces. Αυτό που ξεχωρίζει τις πόρτες και όλα τα προϊόντα της Sabadoor από την υπόλοιπη αγορά, είναι η συνεχής βελτίωση μέσα στην πολυετή παρουσία μας στο χώρο – τόσο στον τομέα της εξυπηρέτησης όσο και στον τομέα τις εξέλιξης και της καινοτομίας.

SABADOOR operates under ISO 9001:2015 and manufactures certificated products CE, and also doors with performance certification in burglar resistance, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Regardless the certificated products, Sabadoor uses the same manufacturing standards for every armoured door it creates. Advertising for the company is its own products.

Large network of partners

SABADOOR’s network of partners consists of experienced staff both in delivery and installation of the door. That’ s the result of a two-way relationship based in trust and in endeavour of decades. Learn more about the internal and external network in the corresponding section.

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A door just for you

Security is a matter of life. If you want a security door, the first thing you should ask for is a door exactly in the same dimension per cm of the hole of masonry.

Other factories conceal this fundamental parameter because it is easier for production to manufacture standard dimensions. Sabadoor manufactures certified security security door to order just for the opening of the masonry of your own house. Ask for S14!


The construction materials, the weight, the lock and the certification are some other issues of ultimate importance in armoured door’s security. Ask for S14 with certification RC3!

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Sabadoor has been manufacturing security doors since 1994, and interior doors since 2005. The company is self-sufficient in respect to both metal and its coating and wood and its coating.

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