MIRA - Interior Doors with Hidden Hinges

Interior doors with hidden hinges of collection MIRA are a combination of modern design and classic wooden touch. This collection is manufactured with magnetic lock and 3 concealed hinges adjustable in 3 dimensions.

The finishing adjusts accordingly to the demands of the house. It is available in lacquer-paint RAL and in wooden paint SD OAK in flat cut veneer Oak.
There is the capability of veneer Oak with plywood or even Vintage or Rustic applications for doors.

Vintage Doors

Take a look at the options for Vintage wooden surfaces, with visible loose knots and dark brown colorations. In doors of collection MIRA it is applied ecological dye 5% matte finishing. Hence, doors obtain both durability and excellent design.

Special Orders

In interior doors with concealed hinges of collection MIRA can be applied 3D embossed surfaces. Consult our color index and see the embossed surfaces Press Oak.

Free dimensions

SABADOOR takes the hard way for your safety. Order doors with centimeter precision, accomplishing the best possible stable installation and, at the same time, the best support for doors.



Mira Vidrio