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Interior Doors

SABADOOR’s interior doors meet your needs.

You can find from hotel doors to hidden doors with minimal and challenging design. Doors with melamine or cement design. Interior doors with glass and doors with smart handles!

The ultimate target for interior doors of a modern house is to make everyday life easier, by reducing the noise literally and controlling the architectural noise, too. SABADOOR’s wide range of internal doors is hitting the target!

What makes the difference with our interior doors?

  1. Manufacturing on demand in the exact dimensions you need.
  2. Durability
  3. 30 years of experience
  4. High quality materials
  5. Self-sufficient production unit

You can also find sliding doors. Also, there are available door-closet or loft.

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Sabadoor’s Linear series is a series of aluminum frame hinged doors, equipped with a multitude of materials, colors, designs and finishes. A modern design that points out the simplicity and the clearness of lines. The aluminium frame, which is divided in thickness, can be installed in every kind or width of masonry.


The glass sliding doors give a stylish and modern design in your place, as, the last years, is one of the most famous trends for contemporary houses and places of work, too. The glass panels can combine colors, designs and pictures as well as a modern style in order to offer a better aesthetic result.


The Laminate interior door is the most economical and at the same time beautiful in design with a wide range of color and pattern options.


Interior doors with hidden aluminium frame flush with the wall.

A complete architectural design for modern places. With Suite, you can “hide” the interior door inside your masonry. The door can reach the height of 3 meters, actually touching the ceiling! It is about a coplanar door with the wall, which is going to give great value on your work and quality on your everyday life. The basic equipment includes magnetic lock. Suite can be installed perfectly on constructions with plasterboard and with bricks.


Interior doors MIRA are a combination of modern design and traditional wooden touch. This collection is manufactured with magnetic lock and 3 concealed hinges adjustable in 3 dimensions.


Architects love doors RITA. It is manufactured with magnetic lock and 3 concealed hinges. Also, it is capable of being coplanar with the jambs, either it is opening inside out or the opposite!