Magnetic Steel MRM


Magnetic defender from the company Disec, with code MRM29.

In new age locks with cylinder, defender is a necessary accessory for the fulfillment of a package even if it is composed of new age lock with catapult and a security cylinder. Defender is a protective steel cover, which is screwed to the lock’s body. It is used to protect the cylinder and the lock from any try of break-in.

What’s its use and how it works?

This defender is used in the locks of armoured door. It is installed in the external part of the door and it is screwed behind the lock. A steel plate closes the keyhole, protecting the internal mechanism of the lock. Hence, the identity of the lock remains unknown and burlgars’ work is getting harder.

The package includes 2 special key fobs (magnetic keys). By touching the fob in the special site of defender, the steel plate rounds and discloses the keyhole.

The magnetic key is unique and non copyable. It can be copied only in special shops and after the owner will show the property card.

We recommend this product to every lock of armoured door with cylinder.

Easy installation. Excellent quality at best price!


  • The main body of defender is constructed from coated steel.
  • The decorative rosette is also from steel, making it extremely durable in any kind of drilling or striking.
  • Defender is screwed in the lock’s body with stay-bolts. As a result, it can’t be removed from the outside.
  • Its length is adjustable. It adjusts on the door, as appropriate.
  • The package includes two magnetic keys.
  • The magnetic keys have protection against copying, that is, copying is capable only with the password of the property card.