Basic Technical Features

Construction with free width and height dimensions per 1cm

Maximum dimension of first price: 1500mm*2500mm

Lock points: 12 (moving points to 2 directions) for doors of thickness until 1500mm

Axial Hinge (Adjustable 3D)

Lock: Gearing / Cylinder: R7

Thermal – sound insulation with certified rock wood

Insulation with 2 wind-repellent and 3 rubbers in frame and door leaf

Regulator Roller

Frame Options: Black(Ral 9005) / White (Ral 9016) / Grey (Ral 7016) Brown (Ral 8017)/ Architectural Black (Noir 2100) / Mars 2525 (Rust Brown)

Hardware: Genova: Inox, Gold


Why should I buy PIVOT?

  • Elegant design
  • Large Wall Opening until 180cm for single-leaf door
  • Durability